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Our history

MARTÈL s.r.l. company it's currently a leader in the air treatment technologies applied to all processes where rigorous temperature and humidity control is required.
Martèl, born from the reorganization of the I.V.S. Idrotermica Valle Seriana S.N.C. founded in 1966, boasts in its background an experience of over 56 years.
1966: Establishment of the company called "Idrotermica Val Seriana . S.n.c." by Franco Bertocchi in Gandino (BG).

1986: Trasformation of the company with the new name of "MARTÈL s.r.l."

1989: Capital strengthening with the establishment of the Bertocchi family holding company "LA META s.r.l." .

1990: Operational strengthening with the establishment of a new subsidiary company responsible for the management of the technical and commercial sectors "Martèl Engineering s.r.l". (reabsorbed in Martèl s.r.l. in 2002)

1997: Commercial and production expansion in Mexico with the establishment of the "AERO TEXTIL MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V." branch.

2002: Opening of the new factory in Casnigo (BG) Italy

2005: Expansion of commercial investments in South America, with the launch of new initiatives and relationships in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.

2013: Achievement of the world record in energy efficiency, in collaboration with Siemens, for the largest AHU in the history of Martèl (1.92 million m3 / h).

2011-2022: Thanks to our professionality and quality, our products have been purchased (directly or indirectly) by some of the biggest companies in the world: Eni, General Motors, Fiat, Mercedes, Tesla, Maserati, PSA (Peugeot-Citroen), Stellantis, Volkswagen, Ineos and Ferrari.

2022: Purchase of two new industrial buildings to increase the production capacity by 60%.

One team, a mission: your satisfaction.
Our success come from the experience of our men combined with their passion for this work, professionalism, their constant commitment and not least by the company philosophy that teaches great values ​​such as honesty, correctness and attention towards customer satisfaction.
Machinery suitable for specific production, necessary to guarantee a constant and controlled level of quality required by customers.
Spaces and production organization to ensure the observance of delivery times.
After-sales services.
Martèl quality does not end with the choice of the most suitable construction materials and their careful workmanship, but continues with the after-sales service offered through ready-to-use spare parts and trained technicians.
i-monitor®   i-service®
You no longer have to wait for a technician to visit your factory, now, after the sale, our system allows us to control the various plants in real time.


The origins of the name Martèl
The origins of the Martèl company date back to 1966 when Bertocchi Franco and his two brothers established the company IVS s.n.c. which in 1986 ceased its activity and has been replaced by Martèl s.r.l.

The name is inspired by the historical roots of the Bertocchi family, in fact Martèl is the nickname used in Gandino to identify the descendants of the bell ringer 'Francesco Bertocchi di Antonio' who all knew as the 'Martèl' because he played the famous hammer bells of the village.

A trace of these origins was discovered in an old article appeared in the issue of September 1935 of the magazine "La Val Gandino" where  the text of a letter from "Martèl" was reported.
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The renovation of the building of the 1890

The origin of our shed dates back to just before 1900, when to the unity of Italy followed a strong industrialization that involved the whole country: the "Cotonificio della Valle Seriana" was built at the bottom of the valley, preparing to leave behind the traditional wool processing.

The plant, which was also one of the first to have an autonomous electrical system, turned out to be one of the largest in the sector and, having reached 500 workers, contributed, together with the spinning "Dell'acqua", to give a decisive impulse to the economy of the area.

At the beginning of the 2000s, we bought and renovated the building, transforming it into a modern industrial building, but preserving the architecture of the external part as it was originally in 1890.
Restructuring project


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Certified quality since 2001

Qualità certificata dal 2001

The quality and professionalism are Martèl historical prerogatives.
The oldest certificate
The most recent certificate
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Idrotermica Val Seriana: our origins

Depliant Idrotermica V.S. (1970)
Offices: Via G. Nosari 18, 24024 Gandino (Bg) Italy
Factory 1: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
Factory 2: Via Serio 6, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
Registered office: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
VAT N° 01672660162
Share capital: 300'000,00 €