i-Service® allows, through an internet connection, to immediately obtain technical assistance for check-up and troubleshooting / research without having to wait for a visit from a technician.

Functioning and purpose

In addition to significant savings on staff travel, i-Service® allows you to subscribe to the service of periodic verification of the operation of the equipment allowing you to prevent failures and energy waste.
i-Service® is applicable to new installations and can be easily installed even on existing systems. The particularly low cost allows anyone to take advantage of this very useful diagnostic service.
i-Service® is the natural evolution of the old and obsolete remote control that provided remote assistance via an analogue modem connection and involved high costs for remote connection.
i-Service® the cost of the connection is practically nil, so the system has only benefits and no contraindications.
Thanks to the Remote Assistance Service provided by our after-sales department, customers who use
i-Service® can get immediate assistance in diagnosing faults or can simply request a general check of the efficiency of the equipment.
i-Service® it's part of a family of products that can work independently, but if united they give the maximum result:
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