The cyclone is made of painted carbon steel and consists of a separating cylinder and an unloading hopper, to which different collection devices can be connected, all supported by a painted carpentry structure.

Functioning and purpose

The air is made to enter the separation cylinder with a tangential direction so as to create a spiral motion that from the top goes downwards, so that the air is centrifuged and the impurities separated from the air fall towards the exit of the hopper where they are collected, while the clean air comes out from the top of the cyclone and returns to the filter (which must be coated).


Thanks to its continuous emptying system, the cyclone is recommended for cleaning filters that treat air with a high amount of impurities and for flow rates between 1,000 and 5,000 m³ / h.
The cyclone is particularly suitable for treating heavy impurities, while it is not suitable for light impurities.
It can also be used as a collection system downstream of the sleeve slider with valves.

Sizes / Models / Versions

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Sizes / Models / Versions

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