High pressure oversatured humidifier composed of a pressurization unit and high pressure nozzles installed in a box upstream of the air distribution duct.
Thanks to its technology, considerable savings are obtained on energy consumption and on the initial value of the investment, given the lower amount of air needed to guarantee humidification.

Functioning and purpose

A pump sends pressurized water at about 100 bar to atomizing nozzles that spray it in a stream of air created by an upstream fan obtaining an air humidification with values ​​higher than saturation.
Unlike the saturated version, the amount of air needed to humidify is much lower, and allows a considerable reduction in energy consumption, while in relation to the amount of excess water, you can opt for recovery and recirculation through Eco2O.
The air carries in the conduit the micro-drops produced by the nozzles, these emerging from the lateral openings of the conduit evaporate upon contact with the heat of the environment, bringing relative humidity to the environment and lowering the temperature.
The largest drops that can not evaporate are recovered from the collection tile placed underneath the humidifier and conveyed either to a drain or to the Eco2O recovery system.


The VA humidifier is specifically designed for textile plants whose machinery requires very high percentages of humidification, while at the same time containing energy consumption.
Thanks to its performance, our
VA humidifier can be used in any department that tolerates humidification by over-satured air, namely air with a moisture content above 100%, such as textile processing or animal breeding.

Sizes / Models / Versions

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Sizes / Models / Versions

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