Not a single product, but the set of technologies developed in more than 50 years of experience.
Dust-remover for impurities mainly heavy and coarse.
Dust-remover for mixed, heavy, coarse, light, thin impurities.
High quality dust-remover for mainly light and thin impurities.
Fiber compactor for collecting and compressing waste materials coming out of machinery.
A simple but essential technology for collecting dust captured by our filters.
The centralized vacuum system, marked Martèl, for those machines that require continuous removal of the generated dust.
A suction system designed to remedy the inefficiency of common compressed air systems.
Suction and transport system for large quantities of material to be reused as raw material.
Martèl s.r.l.
Offices: Via G. Nosari 18, 24024 Gandino (Bg) Italy
Factory: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
Registered office: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
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