The disk prefilter is necessary to capture large quantities of fibers and is normally positioned before the automatic filtering section of residual process powders.

Functioning and purpose

Specially designed as a prefiltration stage in those cases where the air to be filtered contains material that, due to its quantity or type, would clog the final automatic filters.
The air, rich in powders and fibers, is channeled in a hopper so that it is distributed on a synthetic filtering disc; the fibers are conveyed to a nozzle positioned on the radius of the disc and are sucked and brought to a compactor while the air passes through the disk and arrives at the automatic filter designed for the filtration of the residual fine powders.


The purpose of this prefilter is to occupy less space than the cyclonic prefilter.

The main application of this type of product concerns the pre-filtration of the air with a high concentration of fibers mainly for the opening, beating and carding departments of cotton, polyester, acrylic etc.

With the addition of a compactor it is possible to continuously collect and compact these fibers and eventually re-enter them in the production process.
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