Jet filter consists of high efficiency filters with automatic cleaning by compressed air and no moving parts inside.

Functioning and purpose

In these dust collectors the filter elements are made of fabric sleeves inserted on galvanized, painted or stainless steel wire cages and fixed to the venturi tubes, by  clamps.
Dusty air enters through the inlet nozzle located in the filter hopper, under the filtering sleeves.
The coarser dust falls directly into the hopper while the finer particles remain on the outer surface of the sleeves. Clean air passes through the sleeves and reaches the upper plenum and finally exits through the outlet nozzle.
The sleeves are cleaned in sequence by jets of compressed air coming from the blowing pipes positioned above the venturi tubes.


Thanks to continuous emptying, the bag filter is recommended for the cleaning of automatic filters that treat air with a high amount of impurities and for flow rates between 1,500 and 4,000 m³ / h.
This machine can also be used as a collection system downstream of the sleeve slider with valves.
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Sizes / Models / Versions

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