Hydra Filter® is a water filter that, through nebulisation, allows to break down the dust that the dry filters are not able to stop.
Hydra Filter® has an efficiency that guarantees a final concentration of dust expelled in compliance with the strictest regulations.

Functioning and purpose

The air charged with polluting particles enters the Hydra Filter® where it encounters a first nozzle battery dedicated to the washing and cooling of the incoming hot air which, in many cases, also has incandescent particles; after which the air passes through a second battery of nozzles that take care of breaking down the finest particles and finally the air meets a special stainless steel drop separator, developed by martel, which retains water and dirt preventing accumulation and clogging.

Hydra Filter® is the most suitable product for the abatement of dusts, gases and fumes that are not retained by common filters, such as damp, glue powders or substances in the combustion phase.


The most common use of our special filter is recommended in industrial processes that have 2 conditions:

1) Expulsion of air with the presence of water-soluble powders, gases and fumes or detachable from water.
2) Presence of an industrial sewage treatment plant, so that the impurities captured by the Hydra Filter® can be properly disposed of.
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