Fiber compactor, with filtering basket in perforated sheet or in textile mesh depending on the material to be treated, geared motor for the rotation of the cochlea which, in the case of mesh basket, is equipped with nylon bristle for cleaning the basket, bottom with disc in rubber for the compaction of waste material.

Functioning and purpose

This equipment is used to compact the waste fiber, sucked by the textile production machines in order to reduce the volume and therefore the use of smaller spaces for storage and transport of the same. In order for this to happen, it is still necessary for the compactor to get high quantity of fibers.
The transport air (containing the fiber) enters the upper part of the compactor, passing through the filtering basket depositing it on the fiber, and then draining, once filtered, on the outside, through the outlet fitting, and be put back into circle. The separate fiber is captured by the cochlea, placed vertically in the device, and is pushed outwards by passing through the rubber disc which favors the compaction of the material.
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Thanks to continuous emptying, the compactor is recommended for cleaning automatic drum prefilters that treat air with a high amount of impurities and for flow rates between 1,000 and 5,000 m³ / h. The compactor can be used with any type of impurities included in the selection table (excluding dust) in the preparation of cotton, non-woven fabric lines, regenerated, etc.

Sizes / Models / Versions

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