Satured air washer (SL)
Saturated air washer consisting of a water collection tank, a suction pump, low pressure nozzles and a droplet separator, all installed in an AHU or in a hanging version directly on the ducting.
Thanks to its technology, the best quality of humidification and air purification is obtained, with low maintenance costs.

Functioning and purpose

A low-pressure pump draws water from a collecting tank and sends it to nozzles that spray it in a stream of air, created by the fan placed upstream of the whole machine, so that a mixture of air/water is created.
At this time the air gives up its impurities and, gaining in exchange water particles, it is, in fact, washed / purified and humidified.
Finally, before being introduced into the work environment, the air flow forcibly passes through a droplet separator which holds the coarser drops.
In case of customer request, the
SL air washer technology allows to use chilled water through a special chiller, so as to obtain a lowering of the air temperature avoiding the use of a cooling coil that would only involve costs, spaces and higher consumption , as well as problems related to residual dust in the air to be treated.

Martèl distinguishes itself in the construction of this type of machine because it uses exclusively stainless steel and antioxidant and anti-corrosion components, moreover our
SL air washers are available in various sizes and two different versions; with more coarse manual filter, or self-cleaning filter of higher quality and thinner weight to remove any impurities left in excess water.


The SL air washer was designed for textile environments but, thanks to its technology that allows to "wash" the air containing the humidification, it can be used in every sector without damaging machinery.

Sizes / Models / Versions

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Sizes / Models / Versions

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