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Waste System® sucks the waste of material produced by the machines of the production departments (1) and, through a series of circular pipes, the air and the sucked material (powders and fibers of various sizes) arrive at a first stage of filtration constituted from a disc prefilter (2A) or a cyclonic prefilter (2B); the choice of the type of prefilter is closely related to the type and quantity of material exiting the pipes.
The air still rich in dust and short fibers that comes out of the prefilter, is sucked through a self-cleaning rotating filter
(3) that captures impurities; the air, further filtered, reaches the fan (4) that generates the suction flow from the production machines, and is then sent outside the building or in an air-conditioning system to recover the heat of the incoming air during the cold season.
Most of the sucked material is captured by the prefilter which discharges it into the compactor
(5) where it will be thickened to reduce its volume; this phase of processing of the material is necessary to be able to reuse it once the impurities have been cleaned, while the dust captured by the rotating self-cleaning filter is waste and can therefore be sent to a Jet filter (6A), Jet cleaner (6B) or a bagging machine (6C).
All non-reusable waste material can be further compressed by mounting a briquetting machine (7) downstream of the system.

The four main objectives of the
Waste System® implants are:
• Differentiated separation of the different collected fibers.
• Extraction and recovery of raw material from waste fibers.
• Compaction of waste to reduce volumes and related disposal costs.
• Complete automation of the process to guarantee maximum productivity.
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