Vaky-Box is a system of suction and material transport without compression, so that it can be reused as raw material.

Functioning and purpose

Vaky-Box is a product developed from the basic concept that allowed the creation of the Vacuum; it is in fact a more specific solution for those customers who need the removal or displacement of quantities of material that can be reused as raw material.
Vaky-Box consists of a series of pipes, equipped with terminal valves, prepared, according to your needs, in specific points of the factory; Thanks to the valves it is possible to enter large quantities of material that will be sucked and transported inside a cylinder in which it will fall, by inertia, on the bottom; respecting a variable and pre-settable time window, Vaky-Box will release the material in a collection basket.


Vaky-Box is applicable in any industrial sector that leads to the rapid accumulation of large quantities of material to be reused as raw material. Particularly suitable in the textile industry for centralizing the cleaning of Pneumafil filter housings in ring spinning machines, to centralize the exhausts of traveling vacuum blowers, etc ...

Sizes / Models / Versions

Vaky-Box is not limited to a series of standard models, as it is designed in a personalized way for each customer so as to best meet your needs.



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