Electrical panel and PLC
The electric panels with PLC are the heart of the automation of our machines, that's why we develop the PLC software internally and the user interface of the touch-screen panel, in addition to taking care of the details of the power section of the electrical panel.
The internal development of the command and control software of our machines allows us to offer the customer a total customization of the operation process based on the needs encountered by end users.

Functioning and purpose

Our electrical panels are deliberately constructed with materials and components that meet 100% international standards.
Furthermore, by avoiding the use of products made specifically for Martèl, our customers are autonomous in the maintenance and replacement of the various parts of the panel.

One of our electrical panels consists of 5 main parts:

Containment box.
Power components (motor protection, switches, coils, relays, etc).
PLC with the management software of each single component.
Touch screen panel to interface with the components.
Inverters customized by Martèl to optimize operation and energy savings.

Our electrical panels are made to get the maximum performance from Martèl equipment, to reduce consumption to the maximum (for this reason they can also provide the integration of the Eco-Energy® system) and to avoid incorrect operations by the operators thanks to the total automation of the various processes.



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