Suction Box
Centralized suction for industrial machines with a vacuum up to 8,000 Pascal (800 mm water column).
Suction box includes a waste collection system and of course the final filter.

Functioning and purpose

The importance of achieving an incisive energy saving is the aim that drove us to develop a centralized suction system for those industrial processes with machines that require continuous suction and the removal of dusty residues generated by the machines themselves.
The benefits of the Suction box system are:

• Reduction of electricity consumption and consequent energy savings.
• Reduction of costs for ordinary maintenance, thanks to the centralized cleaning of the air filter.
• Automatic change in electrical consumption based on the real needs of production machines.
• Reduction of heat in the hall, thanks to the elimination of individual vacuum cleaners on the machine.
• Consequent energy saving of the air conditioning system of the department.
• Department noise reduction.


Suction box is applicable to existing departments, but becomes particularly advantageous if purchased concurrently with the creation of new production departments, because it allows the purchase of production machines without individual vacuum cleaners and without the individual filters on board the machine.

The most common application is in the hosiery industry and in the seamless production factories; where centralized vacuum systems have already been in use for years.

Sizes / Models / Versions

Suction box is not limited to a series of standard models, as it is designed in a personalized way for each customer so as to best meet your needs.



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