Pack Fit®
PACK FIT® surpass the limits of transportability.
Made with containers certified for naval tansport, guarantee a big versatility in shipments, even on long distances, and a total cut on installations costs.
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Functioning and purpose

The PACK FIT® is the assembly of air handling system inside a standard container, certified for oversea transport.

The intake air is filtered from residual dusts and pollutive external agents, by either a wall of bag-filters or self-cleaning rotary filters, before begin sent in the area designated by the customer.
The required pressure needed to manage the airflow is guaranteed by air-fans, either axial or centrifugal, managed by inverters.
For the humidification it's expected to install an air-washer of last generation, designed by Martèl, wich optimize the efficency of air-saturation with minimal yearly maintenance.
The whole system is managed with electronic instrumentation designed for monitoring and command all the functions form remote.


PACK FIT® is completly assempled and cabled, ready for a 'plug & play' installation.
The main advantages are the total cut of on-site installations costs and the possibility to easily move the whole product in the future.

Sizes / Models / Versions

PACK FIT®'s sized are limited only by the container itself, either 20ft or 40ft; the inside components are indeed customized and designed for each customer.
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