Jet Flow® is a component to be integrated into our air-conditioning systems to achieve significant energy savings through concentrated humidification on machines that need high humidity.

Functioning and purpose

Jet Flow® consists of a ducting for air distribution placed directly above the machinery and in the lower part of these ducts are mounted our Jet Flow® diffusers designed to create a single-row, linearized and vertical launch of the humidified air thus avoiding a uniform distribution throughout the working environment (humidity percentages range from 75% to 85% in relation to the need for machinery and the product being processed).

Jet Flow® is therefore a humidification concept that is based on this particular diffuser model integrated into one of our classic air conditioning, air intake and return systems.


Originally created for cotton weaving, Jet Flow® is applicable to all industrial processes in which only the machinery requires high humidification; avoiding the air conditioning of the entire environment it is therefore possible to reduce consumption considerably.

Sizes / Models / Versions

Jet Flow® is available in a single standard model, however the rest of the air conditioning system that is around is always customized for the different needs of each customer.


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