Jet Cleaner® consists of high efficiency filters with automatic cleaning by compressed air and no moving parts inside.

Functioning and purpose

The air to be filtered enters the inlet, located in the lower part of the Jet Cleaner®, where it meets a shape designed to make the flow acquire a cyclonic rotation that push the fine particles upwards, while the coarser ones towards the low where they will be expelled from a screw conveyor .
The air that goes up the machine will be expelled through an outlet nozzle, passing first through a cylinder equipped with a filtering septum that retains its dusty particles.
Following pre-settable cycles, the dust retained by the filtering septum will be sent to the screw conveyor by the action of compressed air nozzles.
The dustiness of the air leaving the
Jet Cleaner® is quite high, so we tend to associate a bagger for the collection of the finest powders.


Jet Cleaner® is designed for the treatment of air that has coarse, fibrous, thin, heavy and light powders at the same time. It should be used for those cases where the type of powder makes the Jet Filter and the Cyclone less suitable.

Sizes / Models / Versions

Jet Cleaner® is built following the measurements of a single model; the base measures 1060x1060mm with a height of 2950mm.



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