Cookies e privacy policy
Martèl use only third-party cookies.

Through the use of Google Analytics, Martèl uses only third-party cookies that do not collect information that can identify the user, but information on how a visitor uses the site, such as pages visited.
All information collected by these cookies are used only to improve the functionality of the site; it will however be possible to browse the site with disabled cookies.

How to disable cookies

Below we provide easy Step-by-Step guides to disable cookies from your browsers
-Click on the icon “ ” on top-right of the window.
-Select "Settings" and then "advanced".
-In the section "Privacy and Security" select the options your want.
-Press your "Alt" key.
-In the menu that will open on top of the browser, select "Tools" and then "Options".
-Now select the section "Privacy and Security", scroll to the chapter "Cookie and web data" where you will be able to delete and/or block cookies
-Go to "settings", then select "Advanced settings".
-Inside "Privacy and services" setting, select "Cookies" and select the options you prefer.
-Save changes.
-Select "Preferences" in the tools bar, then select the panel "Security" in the dialog window that follow.
-In the section "Accept cookie" it's possible to specify when and if Safari will save this type of infos.
-For major informations of which cookies are stored on your browser, click "Show cookies".
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