A sophisticated system of electronic sensors, software and actuators that allows to obtain a minimum energy saving of 30% guaranteed and measurable.
The heart of the automation of our systems consists of electrical panels with integrated PLC.
Internet monitoring of your systems to prevent any possible and unpleasant breakdowns.
The latest generation monitors to interface with the various settings of our AHU.
Probes, sensors and tools of the latest generation to supervise every section of our AHU.
Offices: Via G. Nosari 18, 24024 Gandino (Bg) Italy
Factory 1: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
Factory 2: Via Serio 6, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
Registered office: Via Serio 10, 24020 Casnigo (Bg) Italy
VAT N° 01672660162
Share capital: 300'000,00 €