Specific accessories for high pressure humidifiers, designed to increase equipment life or reduce consumption.
Eco2O® is a Martèl exclusive designed to reduce the waste of water in high pressure humidification systems, equipped with a special self-cleaning filter to clean the recovered water.

Functioning and purpose

Eco2O® is designed for the recovery and collection of return water from high pressure humidification systems.
The "dirty" water that retains the impurities of the plants is collected in a stainless steel tank where it is filtered by a self-cleaning filter with an extremely thin weight in order to guarantee a water quality suitable for the nozzles present in high pressure systems ; once purified, thanks to a pump, the water is re-introduced into the humidification systems.

A dedicated PLC will take care of automating the cycle, dealing with the loading and unloading of the tanks, the cleaning of the filter and the management of the alarms.
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Totem Pump® is an accessory designed to provide the pressurization of  the water for the high pressure humidifier.

Functioning and purpose

Totem Pump® is the much more advanced version of the classic pump unit for high pressure humidifiers.
Thanks to the oversizing of the individual components and through a transmission system, the pump is turned very slowly, so as to reduce the stress and increase its longevity, while the engine revolutions are kept higher in order to facilitate cooling.

The water that arrives at the
Totem Pump® passes first into a cartridge filter that holds the coarser impurities, then passes over a solenoid valve that blocks its passage at times when the humidifier does not require water, and is finally sent, through a volumetric piston pump that pressurizes up to 100/120 bar, to the humidifier's pulverization system.
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