Martèl S.r.l. is the best choice for the creation of an Air Handling System (AHS) customized in every aspect and flexible to customer needs.

When standard Air Handling Unit (AHU) can not achieve requested conditions, specific and customized AHS are created, starting from the design, passing through the production in our headquarters in Italy with the multiple quality controls, up to the final installation and testing.

Martèl s.r.l. is able to provide customers with the best possible products, designing AHS for dimensions, air flow rates or any other specific characteristics.

Our AHS can be supplied with electrical panels and instrumentation, the automations can be managed by a special PLC which can also be customized at software level, thanks to the programming of our informatic technicians.
Areas of expertise

Martèl s.r.l. builds air conditioning systems for various sectors, including:

automotive | industrial | chemical-pharmaceutical | naval | food | civil

Over the years, important new skills and knowledge have been acquired followed by product certifications to meet the needs of each sector.
Relying on Martèl s.r.l. it does not only means buying a high quality product but also being supported, during the design, construction, installation and maintenance of the air conditioning or ventilation system chosen, by a team of specialized technicians who have a know-how of more than 50 years in this sector, which will create the product requested by the customer, giving the right support in every phase.
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“Quality is satisfying the customer's needs and exceeding his own expectations by continuing to improve.”
Martèl S.r.l. has always been known for the quality and care of the products made.
We believe it is essential to satisfy the requests of our customers, creating ventilation and air conditioning systems at the highest technical level, completely designed and manufactured in Italy.
These certifications allow future new customers to have certainties regarding the quality of our products.
The modular structure of our AHS allows a simplified logistic transport even for large unconventional ones.
Another important aspect is that this type of structure allows a quick and easy assembly in the place of destination where the modules are to be combined.

There are two main types of Air Handling Systems (AHS):

1) Air handling systems which due to their considerable size cannot be shipped assembled; those comes in two versions:

- Version with pre-assembled modules.
With a size that allows it to be divided into pre-assembled modules with standard widths for transport on trucks or containers ready to be joined once at destination.
- Completely disassembled version.
having a size that does not allow the subdivision into pre-assembled modules but completely disassembled to be assembled on site.

2) Air Handling Units (AHU) which, due to their small size, allow shipment in monoblocks.
Those allows the installation of the electrical system, instrumentation and in some cases even the hydraulic system on board of the unit.
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