The Eco Energy® system automatically manages the system's motors by means of inverters and relays, limiting to the minimum required the energy consumption necessary to obtain the optimal results desired in the hall.

Functioning and purpose

The software at the base of the Eco Energy® constantly compares the values ​​obtained (probes) with respect to the desired values ​​(set-point) and regulates the motors in such a way that the desired values ​​are achieved and kept stable. At the same time, it contains the speed of the engines, varying continuously according to changes in the needs of the department and the external climatic conditions.

The energy saving achievable with
Eco Energy® is on average 30% of the annual consumption (typical system with continuous use and except for lack of maintenance or improper use of the plant) and includes the following components:

Inverter for fans and pumps complete with anti-noise filters.

Additional relays for the electrical panel for switching off components that do not require continuous use, such as self-cleaning filters, baggers and compactors.

Programming of the PLC that manages the system to optimize the use of the various motors so as to reduce consumption to the minimum necessary.

Electrical consumption analyzer mounted inside the electrical panel of the plant.
It is an independent device that can not be modified by Martèl and this ensures the customer an effective reading of consumption.
The consumption detected is transmitted to the Martèl PLC which makes them visible on the instrument display and transmits them to the i-Monitor® system.
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Examples of real plants made

Typical case with energy savings around 30% (value that we guarantee in our offers).
Typical case with energy savings around 30% (value that we guarantee in our offers).
Combate de Montevideo 1348
Río Grande - Argentina
Phone: +54 2964 425440
Collected data
Main data
Plant working from: 7/19/2017
Hours of operation: 7'251
KW saved: 271'991
Euros saved: 13'424

Average Time Consumption
Theoretical maximum: 80 Kw/h
Last reported: 41.8 Kw/h
Historic average: 42.0 Kw/h
Total consumption
Theoretical maximum: 580,080 Kw
Royal: 308'189 Kw
Savings: 271'891 Kw

Extreme case with energy savings of around 70% (value obtained thanks to the desired over-sizing of the plant to acquire a future margin and for the amplification of the benefits of Eco Energy®).
Via Vall'Alta, 13
Cene - Italy
Phone: +39 035 736511
Collected data
Main data
Plant working from: 16/08/2016
Hours of operation: 9'074
KW saved: 1'089'417
Euros saved: 163'413

Average Time Consumption
Theoretical maximum: 164 Kw/h
Last reported: 48.0Kw/h
Historic average: 43.0 Kw/h

Total consumption
Theoretical maximum: 1'488'136 Kw
Royal: 398'719 Kw
Savings:1'089'417 Kw
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