BASIC® & DUAL® are two types of adiabatic air conditioners developed for those departments lacking sufficient space for the installation of classic AHU.

Functioning and purpose

An essential feature of our BASIC® & DUAL® is the absence of water coming from a chiller, in fact they are adiabatic air conditioners that, for air cooling, do not use heat exchange but a special humidification system.
Therefore they do not provide the installation of cooling coils, while, depending on the needs, they can be supplied with heating batteries.

BASIC® consists of a fan and two modulating dampers that, working in opposite directions, allow the air conditioner to work in two ways: during the winter period the air will be recirculated, during the hot months the air will be taken from the outside and then expelled from the building through extractors or overpressure dampers.

DUAL® is also equipped with a second fan used to take in air inside the building. Thanks to a mixing box with a set of shutters, the air can be expelled or recirculated, automatically, according to the needs of the work environment.


BASIC® & DUAL® have been designed by Martèl to provide a high quality air conditioning system even for those environments that do not have sufficient space for the installation of a common AHU, they are in fact compact with the possibility of installing hanging units.
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Sizes / Models / Versions

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