MW4 self-cleaning rotating coeated filters are composed of a rotating drum in perforated sheet covered with a synthetic filtering septum, a gearmotor and a device for the automatic translation of the suction nozzles and a blade for the acelerations of the air. Everything is installed inside a containment case with an inclined bottom, consisting of a structure in aluminum profiles and sandwich panels with a thickness of 50 mm.

Functioning and purpose

The air to be filtered enters the upper part of the filter, then is distributed and accelerated by the internal calibration blade and is rotated with a centrifugal effect around the drum; in this way the heavier substances are deposited on the floor, whose particular conical shape forces these deposits to concentrate in the collection area.
Once inside the casing, the air, taken up by the fan located downstream of the filter, enters perpendicular to the drum and exits axially. In this way the filtering septum stops the impurities present. The filter is also equipped with a gearmotor equipped with a rubber wheel. This is necessary for the rotation of the drum, which is managed by a timed command or pressure switch. An electric piston allows the cleaning nozzles to flow along the surface of the filter and a special cleaning system generates suction of the same nozzles, so that they clean and regenerate the filtering sept, removing the impurities that are deposited there.


These filters are suitable for all industrial environments where it is necessary to filter dry impurities.
The choice of the type of filter to be used must be made through our 'Filter selection guide'.
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